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Fire & Smoke

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company Based Out of Lafayette, LA, and Serving the Surrounding Area

A fire in your home or place of business can be catastrophic. Not only can your property be affected by fire damage, but also smoke and water damage. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a smoke damage restoration or fire damage restoration service.

Guardian Decon will thoroughly clean your property so you can get back to your life. Our trained professionals are fully equipped to handle any amount of fire, smoke, or water damage – no matter how big or small the fire is. Our fire restoration services also cover textiles and contents. We use an Esporta washing machine to safely clean and restore your textiles so they can be saved and used again. Call our fire damage restoration company based out of Lafayette, LA, and serving the surrounding area, for a fire restoration service.

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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup

When your place of business is shut down because of a fire, contact Guardian Decon 24 hours a day for help. Fire leaves your offices and stores unusable and unsafe for your customers, halting your revenue. Our experienced team will get your facility back to pre-fire condition.

We are prepared to address all types of fire damage. Whether it’s a small isolated area or an entire building, we can help. Guardian Decon will remediate all smoke, fire, and water damage quickly and efficiently.

Fire Cleanup Process

Fires can be raging and overwhelming or small and contained. Though each situation calls for a different solution, the process is generally the same. Here’s how to clean up after a fire:

  • Initial Damage Control

    If any part of your property is exposed due to the fire, we will cover and protect your home or building.

  • Water Cleanup

    If the Fire Department or a sprinkler system puts out the fire, the next step is to dry out all water using large fans and professional dehumidifiers.

  • Smoke Damage Restoration

    Our technicians have received special training to remove all smoke and soot from your entire property.

  • Professional Cleaning and Decontamination

    We will preserve every possible structure on your property so you can get back to pre-fire condition as soon as possible. Guardian Decon cleans and sanitizes everything.

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Emergency Remediation Service Available

At Guardian Decon, our goal is to get you back inside your home or business as quickly as possible with minimal disruption so that you can continue with your day-to-day life without having to worry about repairs and cleanup.

Our team of experts has been trained in all aspects of fire remediation. We will work diligently to ensure that your belongings are returned to their original state as quickly as possible. We offer 24-hour emergency service so that no matter what time of day your property suffers from fire damage, we can be there quickly to help! Get in touch with our fire damage restoration company based out of Lafayette, LA, and serving the surrounding area, today.