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Full-Service Cubicle Curtain Management Program Based Out of Lafayette, LA, and Serving the Surrounding Area

When you’re searching for a cubicle curtain management program in Lafayette, LA, or nearby areas, you want to choose a company that has a proven track record for providing high-quality services. At Guardian Decon, we’re IICRC certified and have ten years of industry experience. Our experts can help ensure your facility is fully compliant. We’ll manage the entire process, including measuring for correct cubicle curtain size and ordering and installing the cubicle curtains. Our professionals will also handle the removal of existing curtains, and we’ll document the change for your facility to maintain compliance. With our cubicle curtain program, you can be sure your facility will be up-to-date with new cubicle curtains and compliant with the latest standards. This will allow your team to focus on their top priority —providing the best possible patient care.

cubile curtain management lafayette la

The importance of getting a professional cubicle curtain management program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients will contract at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI), costing upwards of $45 billion each year. HAIs are associated with a variety of risk factors, and studies show that as much as 40% of HAIs can be traced to the contamination of healthcare workers’ hands. As such, it’s not surprising to hear that hospital privacy curtains are rapidly and frequently contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.

With our assistance, you can ensure that your facility’s privacy curtains are regularly changed and tracked for compliance. This will help reduce the risk of infection for patients, visitors, and staff members alike.

Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Quarterly/Biannual Curtain Change Service
  • Curtain Tracking Software
  • Disposable Curtains
  • Track Maintenance and Hardware

Get the Cubicle Curtain Management Program That Your Facility Needs

A Better Way to Keep Your Facility Clean, Safe and Compliant

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If you want to make sure that your facility’s cubicle curtains are properly managed and maintained, Guardian Decon is here for you. We have years of industry experience, and we can provide you with the cubicle curtain management program that will help ensure that your facility is safe and compliant. Our services are available to clients in Lafayette, LA, and nearby areas. Get in touch with us today to learn more.