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Crime Scene Cleanup Crew Based Out of Lafayette, LA, and Serving the Surrounding Area

We are a crime scene cleanup crew based out of Lafayette, LA, serving the surrounding area. We are committed to providing thorough bio cleaning services for homicide & suicide situations as well as an unattended death. Our cleaning services include blood stain removal and bio cleaning to restore the property to its original condition.

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Bio cleaning services

We are a crime scene cleanup crew based out of Lafayette, LA, serving the surrounding area. We are committed to providing thorough bio cleaning services for homicide & suicide situations as well as an unattended death. Our cleaning services include blood stain removal and bio cleaning to restore the property to its original condition.

  • Crime Scene Cleanup Process

    Unfortunately, properly cleaning the area can be much more complex than removing biohazard waste materials. The process involves sanitizing, deodorizing, and renovation prep, which can include removal of furniture and structure, like sheetrock and carpet. Guardian Decon’s crime scene cleanup involves a detailed-oriented, fully documented process to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of biohazard waste materials. Beyond what is visible to the eye, our technicians are trained to completely remove all traces of microscopic material.

    Focus on You

    We hope that you never need our service, but if you do, you can trust that Guardian Decon will be able to provide the discreet and professional service that you require in your time of need. Our priority is to relieve the added pressure and stress of cleanup during the recovery and restoration process. If you’re facing a crime scene cleanup, Guardian Decon is ready to serve you.

  • Blood Cleanup

    Blood cleanup must be taken seriously. Our professionals have been trained in blood cleanup, and we take the time to thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize all types of blood spills. We understand how important it is for you to be able to resume the use of your residential, commercial, or public areas. We will completely sanitize and restore blood spills, blood loss, gross filth, bodily fluids, and contaminated crime scenes.

    Blood Cleanup Process

    Bloodshed from an accident or crime scene must be dealt with as soon as possible. At Guardian Decon, every step along the way is documented. We start by isolating the area where the blood is located. Next, we go through the location and remove any items that can not be cleaned or recovered. Then we completely remediate the blood and any traces of contamination. Finally, we thoroughly test and make sure that the area is completely sanitized and ready for use.

    The last thing you want is any traces of infectious diseases like HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C left behind. Direct contact with blood containing these diseases can lead to transmission. Even though you can’t see the blood, the risk of contamination is still high if the area is not cleaned by trained professionals like Guardian Decon.

    Licensed and Certified Cleanup

    When bloodshed occurs, these situations are often times traumatic or emotionally difficult. You need someone you can trust to compassionately come in and help you make a fresh start. Guardian Decon is your partner in these times. If you are dealing with any type of blood cleanup, call or chat with us today.

  • Homicide & Suicide Situations

    Guardian Decon’s trained professionals are equipped to help you with homicide or suicide cleanup. We understand that these times are often traumatic and difficult. If you are dealing with this type of cleanup, you may feel overwhelmed by what remains in the immediate aftermath of the situation.

    When a suicide or homicide occurs, you deserve the compassionate and effective cleanup services from Guardian Decon. Your needs come first in these sensitive situations, and we are here to help you make a fresh start. Whether you are an individual who needs a home cleaned, or a large business needing discreet and professional experts to get you up and running again, we can help you today.

    Homicide & Suicide Cleanup Process

    Our first step is to work with the authorities to make sure the affected area is ready for a cleanup. Once the location is ready, our homicide and suicide cleanup process begins. Our trained professionals follow our strict and thorough guidelines to clean the area, fully documenting the entire process. First, we will remove any dangerous biological matter and blood from your home or business. Next, we clean, sanitize, and deodorize the location so you can resume living your life or operating your business. Once our professionals finish their work, the area is tested, and we confirm for you that the area is ready for a fresh start.

    Focus on Care

    When a homicide or suicide occurs, you need someone you can trust. Guardian Decon is your friend and partner during this difficult time. We will work with you, your family or your place of business to ensure that any area affected will be completely safe and clean. Our experts are prepared and trained for situations just like these – we are here for you!

  • Unattended Death

    Anytime you experience an unexpected death, it can be emotionally overwhelming. There’s no way to prepare for it mentally, and if that death is unattended, you may not even know where to start. When you begin to face the reality of the situation and deal with the aftermath, your first call should be Guardian Decon. The last thing you want to do is try to handle an unaccompanied death on your own. Our compassionate professionals will clean, sanitize, deodorize, and return the area to a place where it can be used again. Then, you can begin the road to healing and recovery from your loss.

    Unattended Death Cleanup Process

    Whether it’s an unattended death that happened a few days ago or a few years ago, the surrounding area must be professionally cleaned. When time passes after someone dies unaccompanied, body decomposition occurs. The more time passes, the more bacteria and pathogens can spread in the air.

    Many who have suffered an unattended death are barely recognized by family and friends. Our trained professionals at Guardian Decon are experienced in dealing with such situations, whether caused by a suicide or crime scene. They will work quickly to provide restoration to the home. We’ll ensure that the area is decontaminated and deodorized so you can live again, fully documenting every step along the way.

    Licensed and Certified Cleanup

    We have the tools, experience, and process needed to fully restore a residential, commercial, public, or outdoor environment affected by decomposition. Don’t attempt to clean an area affected by death on your own; you’ll only put yourself in harm’s way. We can remove contaminated furniture or items left behind by law enforcement officials and forensic teams. We can handle any situation involving unattended death.

    How We Help Law Enforcement

    Law enforcement and first responders are dealing with biohazard cleanup on a daily basis. Guardian Decon is your trusted partner in the cleanup and recovery process. You need someone you can trust to compassionately and professionally assist families during their time of need. The last thing on many people’s minds during these stressful situations is who will clean up. Whether it’s a crime scene, suicide, unattended death, or any situation where death or injury has occurred, we are here for you.

    After you, as law enforcement or a first responder, attend to these delicate situations, you need a team to come behind you and provide families and businesses with the same level of care you provided. Guardian Decon professionally cleans, disinfects, and restores these homes and businesses so people can return to their normal lives. We are ready all day and every day to help. Partner with Guardian Decon today.

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When it comes to crime scene cleanup, Guardian Decon is the company you can trust. Based out of Lafayette, LA, and serving the surrounding area, our team has ten years of experience in the industry. Our team is equipped to provide emergency services for unattended deaths and homicides. No matter your situation, we’ll be there to help you get back on your feet. Reach out to us today.